Music to Play When You Want to Get Focused


There are a handful of albums that I listen to obsessively when I want to get focused on creative work. Below, you’ll find the ones that have gotten the most play, organized into calm, atmospheric music and high-energy, upbeat music.

Calm, Atmospheric Music:

From electronic to piano to found sound, these albums run the gamut of styles, but all of them have a fairly chill energy. Good for when you want to calm down and focus.

1. “Glimmer” – Jacaszek

2. “First Thought, Best Thought” – A. Russell

3. “Segundo” – Juana Molina

4. “Hongkong Remastered” – Monolake

5. “Spaces” – Nils Frahm

6. “Kurr” – Amiina

7. “Ethiopiques Vol 21” – Tsegué-Maryam Guebrou

High Energy, Electronic Music:

Ranging from techno to dubstep to house and beyond, these albums have a more upbeat, driving energy. Ideal for when you need an external boost for your attention.

1. “Untrue” – Burial

2. “Pink” – Four Tet

3. “Asa Breed” – Matthew Dear

4. “Black Noise” – Pantha du Prince

5. “Our Love” – Caribou

6. “Chromophobia” – Gui Boratto

7. “Yours & Mine” – Steffi

The artwork pattern above is from the cover of Caribou‘s album “Our Love.” The headphone icon is by Edward Boatman of the Noun Project.

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