Photograph by Bas Uterwijk.
I’ve been recruited to give talks at leading creative companies and conferences all over the world, including Google, The Guardian, How To Academy, The Next Web, the AIGA Design Conference, and CreativeMornings.

My goal is always to help people find more meaning and creativity in their daily work. In recent talks, I’ve been diving into the psychology behind why we’re so addicted to busywork (like email, meetings, and multitasking) and providing pragmatic tips on how we can spend more time, energy, and attention on our best work.

If you’re interested in having me give a talk, please contact Petar Josic at Bespoken Bureau at

All images above copyright Bas Uterwijk.

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Jocelyn K. Glei (@jkglei) helps people find more creativity and meaning in their daily work.
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