A modern guide to getting rid of email anxiety, reclaiming your focus, and spending more time on meaningful work.


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Let’s face it: Email is killing our productivity. The average person checks their email 11 times per hour, processes 122 messages a day, and spends 28 percent of their total workweek managing their inbox. What was once a powerful and essential tool for doing our daily work has become a near-constant source of frustration, anxiety, and distraction from our work.

Unsubscribe will show you how to tame your inbox and reclaim your focus, with tips on how to:

  • Break free from email addiction and the “inbox zero” obsession
  • Build a daily email routine that reduces stress and anxiety
  • Process your inbox based on what (and who) really matters to you
  • Write messages that get people to pay attention and take action
  • Set boundaries and say “no” to time-wasting distractions
  • Plan your day around meaningful work — not busywork

Productivity isn’t about just “keeping busy,” it’s about leaving a legacy. Are you ready to Unsubscribe?

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Look inside:
As fun-to-read as it is practical, Unsubscribe includes a series of activities and illustrations created in collaboration with Portuguese artist Tomba Lobos.

This is what you’ll find inside your copy of Unsubscribe:

  • 20 practical essays on how to get rid of email anxiety, reclaim your focus, and spend more time on meaningful work.
  • 15 activities and tip sheets designed to help you clarify your goals, tame your inbox, and craft emails that get sh*t done.
  • 18 email “cheat sheets” with scripts for pitching your ideas, negotiating better fees, delivering criticism, and more.

What readers are saying:

Packed with insights, practical strategies, and engaging illustrations, Unsubscribe is an invaluable resource for repairing our relationship with email.
—Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of Better Than Before
seth-400 This is a vitally important book, an urgent call for reason that can transform the way you spend hours every day.
—Seth Godin, entrepreneur & bestselling author
I highly recommend Unsubscribe—lots of simple, actionable tips for anyone who uses email.
—Jeff Sheldon, founder of Ugmonk
Unsubscribe has completely changed the way I work.
—Dan Mall, founder & creative director of SuperFriendly

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About the author:

jocelyn_glei_35743Jocelyn K. Glei is obsessed with how we can find more meaning and creativity in our daily work. Her previous books include the Amazon bestsellers Manage Your Day-to-Day, Maximize Your Potential, and Make Your Mark. She was formerly the founding director of the 99U Conference and 99u.com, which earned two Webby Awards for Best Cultural Blog. Her writing has been featured in outlets including New York, Fast Company, BuzzFeed, Quartz, SELF, Communication Arts, and Brain Pickings.

It’s time to stop letting email dictate your mood, your focus, and your to-do list.

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