Hi, I’m Jocelyn. I help people find more creativity and meaning in their daily work.

I created the online course RESET, a cosmic tune-up for your workday.

I host Hurry Slowly, a podcast about how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.

I write books about how to make great creative work in the Age of Distraction, and I give talks about how we can spend less time on “fake productivity” and more time on meaningful work.

If you want to stay in touch, the best way to tap into my brainwaves is to sign up for my newsletter.


If you require an image of me for press purposes, I have a few different formats and smile levels available. View and download headshots.

Photographer credit for all images is: Jonny Marlow.


As someone who wrote a book called Unsubscribe, I am discerning about how much time I spend on email.

To save us both some time, I’ve articulated what type of requests interest me, and what type of requests do not interest me.

Please take a look 👇 before emailing me.

Requests I am NOT interested in:

  • I do not contribute to productivity advice roundups.
  • I do not write reviews about productivity apps or products.
  • I do not accept submissions to my blog by people who are not me.

Requests I will consider:

  • I do consider interview requests made by people who are authentically interested in my work.
  • I do consider speaking requests from individuals and organizations that are aligned with my mission.
  • I do read everything sent to me by readers and listeners who are actively engaging with my work. Thank you for supporting me!

Are we on the same page? Awesome. This is where you can find me:

Twitter: @jkglei
hello [at] jkglei.com

My Podcast

Hurry Slowly is a podcast about how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient by slowing down.
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